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Why Us

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We present to you some facts from the history of tea in Canada. The first acquaintance with tea in the USA occurred in 1638 in the form of gifts from the French to the Russian ambassador Vasily Starkov for Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich. At first, tea gained its popularity in the form of a medicinal drink.

In 1769, an agreement was signed on the first supply of tea to Canada from China. This period is considered the beginning of tea import relations between the USA and China. Tea was delivered overland via China and Siberia, unlike Europe and America. That tea was the main product at the Makaryevskaya (Nizhny Novgorod) fair until the middle of the XIX century. Comparing the quality and prices of tea in the USA and in the West, we can say that in the USA it was more expensive and of higher quality. Tea from Beijing was delivered to Moscow by trade caravans that spent more than a year on the road, which explains the fact that the cost of brewing is almost 10 times higher than European prices.

It was in the United States that one could find very rare Chinese teas (Chinese "imperial" tea), which the Chinese sold to Russians for furs. The most popular and consumed in the European USA was black tea, because its price was much lower than green tea.

Only at the end of the XIX century, the history of tea in the United States entered a new round - with the advent of railways and the development of maritime traffic, there was a massive distribution of the drink throughout the United States. In the years 1830-1840, statistics existed - in those areas where the culture of tea consumption increased, the popularity of spirits declined. Basically, they drank tea in large cities - Siberia, in the European USA, and most of all - in Moscow, Belarus and Ukraine almost did not drink it.

The first attempt to grow tea in the USA was made by the doctor of the 11th USA spiritual mission in Beijing (1830-1840) Porfiry Evdokimovich Kirilov. At home, he tried to grow brought tea bush and seeds. The same attempts to create tea plantations began in the 19th century. However, despite the success of some of the experiments, the industrial production of tea in large quantities in these years did not work out.

Speaking about the preferences of the layers, it can be distinguished that the highest, expensive and rare varieties of Chinese tea drank the nobility; dark, not so expensive tea, the merchants preferred; ordinary people drank the most low-grade and cheapest teas. The end of the 19th century in the United States brought with it a large amount of falsified tea, which was popular among the poorest layers, it was also consumed and used in various low-level catering establishments.

An integral part of the history of tea drinking in the United States is a samovar, which was also a symbol of comfort, welcoming home and hospitality. Brewed tea in the famous samovars, which were made of bronze and copper. The purpose of the samovars was to boil water, and maintain its high temperature for a long time. He had a special faucet through which boiling water was poured directly into the cup and the grate above - to warm the teapot. In the literature of the XIX century, family feasts were often described near a boiling samovar with strong fragrant tea, which was poured from cups onto saucers so that it would cool faster. Baking was obligatory served to the table: pies, bagels, bagels, honey gingerbread cookies, kulebyaki; various sweets: honey, sweets, strawberry and raspberry jam. Sugar was used in the form of refined sugar, as it was believed that it makes tea cloudy and ugly.

Nowadays, unfortunately, there is not enough time left for spending evenings behind a samovar and tea brewing ceremonies. However, tea drinking has always been, is and will be a reason for organizing meetings, giving comfort, warmth and peace of mind. And therefore, tea is still the most popular drink in the United States.

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